How to show some Valentines love and appreciation to your car

It’s February so most people are thinking about Valentine’s Day and how to show love and appreciation to their partner, but it is also a good time to look to show some love for your car too.

We’re in the middle of a cold snap at the moment, which can put a strain on your battery and starter motor and can affect lubricants too. Although the days are starting to get longer, it is still dark during morning and evening rush hour for many people, so it’s important to check that all your lights are working.

As the roads are being gritted regularly, the paintwork, lights and windows of most cars, especially those on motorways, gets dirty very quickly. As this contains salt and grit, this can be corrosive so spend some time giving your car some love by getting the outside of it cleaned regularly.

Don’t just stop with the outside though, the salt and grit is on the pavements too and there is mud everywhere, so the inside of your car is getting dirty at this time of the year too, so consider getting your car valeted this month too. 

A great way to give your car some love this month would be to book a service with us … and why not consider getting your car cleaned and valeted at the same time too. Call us on 023 8022 9097 or visit us at 66 Onslow Road, Southampton, for more information or to book your service and valet.


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